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Swagbucks Review – Turn your Swag Bucks Into Cash

Swagbucks Review – Turn your Swag Bucks Into Cash

Swagbucks is a website offering people cash and rewards for doing simple little tasks on the Internet. It sounds like such a great deal that it seems almost too good to be true. Well, I’ve been using it for a while now and I can tell you that Swagbucks is definitely the real deal. In this review, I’ll tell you everything I know about Swagbucks and the best ways you can earn the most cash with Swagbucks.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks Guy

Swagbucks considers itself the Internet’s “premier rewards and loyalty destination. You will earn virtual currency called Swag Bucks for doing the same everyday tasks that you usually do on the Internet. This includes things like searching the web, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, filling out paid surveys, and much more. Your Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, and other rewards. Sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it?

Swagbucks was launched in 2008 and has awarded more than $50 million to it’s users since then. That’s a lot of money that you could be getting a piece of if you signed up for your own free Swagbucks account. When Swagbucks for started out, it was simply just a search engine, and now it’s added numerous features to give people more opportunities for making money. Swagbucks has an enormous userbase so they’re always improving things and making sure people have the best experience possible.

Earn money on the go with mobile apps

Swagbucks Mobile

One of the great things about Swagbucks that sets it apart from other money making sites such as CashCrate and Neobux is that it offers mobile apps. The apps are available on both iOS and Android so most smartphone owners will be able to make money right from the palm of their hand even when you’re out of the house.

Offering mobile apps is such an awesome idea that I’m really surprised more of these companies don’t do it. I really love being able to continue earning Swag Bucks when I’m away from my computer. It’s a great feature and it really makes Swagbucks stand out from the competition.

Do People really make money with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks Make Money

Swagbucks has paid out over $50 million in the last 5 years so they definitely pay out. I’ve spent some time using Swagbucks and have earned some pretty good money as well as Amazon gift cards.

You’re able to earn Swag Bucks by watching videos, participating in polls and surveys, playing games, and tons of other ways as well. However, the easiest way to get more Swagbucks is by simply searching the Internet. All you have to do is sign into your account and use the Swagbucks search engine. You probably do a lot of searching each day anyways so you might as well get paid for it.

Swagbucks has paid out over $50 million

Earning Swagbucks doesn’t take up a lot of your time which is nice. You could spend only a few minutes each day and still make some extra cash. If you decide to devote even more time to Swagbucks then naturally you’ll be able to earn a lot more money.

How do I sign up for Swagbucks?

Signing up for your own FREE Swagbucks account couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill out this registration form and you’re all set to start making money online.

Grab a FREE Swagbucks Account

Time to make some money

Now that you’ve set up a free Swagbucks account, you can immediately start earning Swag Bucks that can be redeemed for cash and prizes. In this review, I’ll share my tips on how to get the most out of Swagbucks as well as give you a detailed overview on all of its features.

Searching = Money

Swagbucks Toolbar

One of the easiest ways to earn a good amount of money is by doing your regular Internet searches through Swagbucks rather than Google. You can do this by going to the Swagbucks homepage and searching like you normally would. You’ll earn between 7 and 50 Swag Bucks from searching the web each day.

7 and 50 Swag Bucks from searching

The only downside is that it’s completely random as to when you get rewarded. Usually it doesn’t take too long though so don’t get discouraged.

Get the Swagbucks toolbar

If you really want to make it easier on yourself then I suggest installing the Swagbucks toolbar. This allows you to use the Swagbucks search without having to go to the homepage first. If you’re actually serious about making good money then I would definitely install the toolbar.

In addition to search functionality, there’s also some other really great features included with the Swagbucks toolbar. You’ll get updated on any special promotions and Swag Codes in real time so that you’ll never miss an opportunity to earn more Swag Bucks. The toolbar also includes easy access to watching videos and you’ll even get awarded 1 Swag Buck each day just from having the toolbar installed.

Daily polls

Swagbucks Daily Poll

Another very easy method to earn a quick Swag Buck each day is by answering the daily poll question. Sure, it might only get you one Swag Buck but it’s so quick and easy to answer the poll question that there’s no reason not to do it. Combine it with all the other methods of getting Swag Bucks and it adds up in a hurry.

Watch some videos

Swagbucks Watch Videos

Watching videos should be added to your daily routine because it’s a very simple way to earn a large amount of Swag Bucks each day. There are plenty of videos to choose from so you’ll be able to find some that actually interest you if you want to be entertained while making money. You could also just watch random videos as well because you’ll still get Swag Bucks for watching a video whether you enjoy it or not.

The way it works is, you have a rewards meter and as you watch videos, the meter increases. Once the rewards meter reaches 100%, you’ll get 3 Swag Bucks. You can earn a maximum of 150 Swag Bucks per day which is a really good amount. If you’ve got the time then you should definitely be doing this to maximize the amount of Swag Bucks you get each day.

Perform tasks

Swagbucks Tasks

Tasks are another quick and easy way to make some Swag Bucks each day. Just select Tasks from the toolbar at the top of the page to get started. You’ll then see a whole bunch of different tasks you can complete as well as the amount of Swag Bucks you’ll get once you’re finished. More difficult tasks will naturally reward you with more Swag Bucks. The most I’ve seen for completing one task was 40 Swag Bucks.

Get Swag Bucks from shopping

Swagbucks also offers rewards just from doing your regular shopping. The best part is that Swagbucks is partnered with some really great retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect, Starbucks, and more. I love doing a lot of shopping on Amazon and whenever I do that I get 2 Swag Bucks back for every dollar I purchase. Each retailer has its own amount of Swag Bucks per dollar but it’s usually between 2 and 10.

There’s also some incentive to get Swag Bucks even while shopping at brick and mortar stores. Swagbucks has a section on its website that offers coupons to save money on items like batteries, cereal, baby food, milk, mustard, etc. Not only can you save money on plenty of different products, you’ll also earn 1 Swag Buck each time you print out a coupon. Don’t go crazy printing every single coupon they have though because if you print too many without redeeming them, your credit will get reversed.

TONS of other things to do

I’ve listed all of the easiest ways for you to make some quick Swag Bucks each day. However, those aren’t the only methods you can do to earn Swag Bucks. There’s also paid surveys, special offers, and games you can play that will award you with Swag Bucks. These take a little bit more time but they also pay out the most amount if you take the time to do them.

Swagbucks has an awesome rewards program

Swagbucks Rewards

All of your efforts collecting Swag Bucks will pay off in the end because Swagbucks has a HUGE amount of gift cards for you to choose from. You can choose from different denominations of gift cards as well. A lot of them start as low as $5 and some go all the way up to $250. Here’s a list of all the major retailers that offer gift cards:

  • Get CASH with your Swag Bucks by using PayPal. The amounts offered are $25, $50, and $100.
  • gift cards starting at $5 all the way up to $250
  • Home Depot gift cards starting at $10 up to $100
  • Lowe’s gift cards starting at $5 up to $100
  • Starbucks gift cards starting at $5 up to $100
  • Old Navy gift cards starting at $10 up to $100
  • Plenty of other retailers including GAP, Southwest, Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Babies “R” Us, JCPenney, Facebook, American Eagle Outfitters, Cabela’s, Hyatt Hotels, Foot Locker, and more!

In addition to the gift cards, you can also spend your Swag Bucks on entries into the Swagstakes. There are lots of prizes that you can enter to win including iPhones, Playstations, Xboxes, Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, and much more. You can buy multiple entries into each prize by spending more of your Swag Bucks and this will increase your chances of winning.

Swagbucks Gift Cards

What I like about Swagbucks

Here’s a quick summary of everything that I really like about Swagbucks:

  • It’s FREE
  • Lots of ways to earn Swag Bucks each day
  • Huge amount of rewards to choose from
  • Swagstakes give you a chance to win awesome prizes
  • Make money just from searching the web
  • Swagbucks offers mobile apps

What I don’t like about Swagbucks

I’m pretty satisfied with Swagbucks but there’s a few things that bothered me.

  • Swag Bucks from searching is completely random
  • Search uses Bing which isn’t as good as Google

The Verdict

You’re not going to become filthy rich with Swagbucks but it’s an awesome way to make some extra money each day. There are so many different gift cards to choose from which will satisfy everyone’s different tastes. I highly recommend checking out Swagbucks.

Grab Your FREE Swagbucks Account

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  1. Swagbucks seems like a great website. It’s a shame it doesn’t offer its services here in Brazil. I was wondering if using an american proxy would be violating their rules? I want a chance to win money too!

  2. Swagbucks is one of my favorite PTC websites too. The layout is clean and easy to navigate and they have lots of easy ways to earn swag. I wish I would have known about the referral program prior to signing up. Now I can’t even get a referral. Do you have a strategy to gain referrals?

  3. I have started using Swagbucks about 5 months ago, which I gather points by doing tasks and surveys, checking e-mail messages, and participating some good deals. I have found it’s one of the best sites that offer good items by converting the points into gift cards, which I think it works quite well because I do a lot of shopping online, which gift cards seem to help me to save extra money without having to charge too much on my debit card. Plus, Swagbucks is very good at getting extra points, and I have found it’s quite easy to get a lot of free points simply by doing the tasks.

  4. I’ve heard so much about swagbucks from friends who all love it. I tried it a couple of months ago but it seems I wasn’t fully using all my options. I didn’t know about the toolbar paying, the searches or the tasks. I know my account is still open so I guess I’ll check it out again and maybe try a little harder. I am glad you explained all the options. That really helps a lot.

  5. I will prefer paid to post and may be paid to click but sites that have offers are not appealing to me.

  6. Even though I have been using Swagbucks for quite a while now myself, I really enjoyed your overview Mike! Like you said, there are so many ways to earn, that I like to read what others are doing so I do not miss a way to earn!

  7. hie!! i was wondering if i use proxy to sign up swagbucks. Will there be any problem in redeeming the swagbucks with 5 dollar amazon gift card. (I can verify the order with my email)-additional info

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