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How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Blog

How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Blog

There are numerous methods for getting more traffic to your site. I’ve already written about some of the best ways to get more blog traffic but in this article I’m going to tell you how to get more organic traffic coming in to your site.

Getting more organic traffic is the best way to grow your blog. Not only will you get more passive traffic from search engines, you’ll also earn more money from these visitors as well. The reason for this is because these people are searching for an answer to something and are more likely to convert into customers. You’ll also notice an increase in the amount of clicks you get from your AdSense ads as well.

Benefits of organic traffic

I’m focusing mainly on Google in this article because it’s the biggest and most used search engine on the planet by quite a large margin. Most people turn to Google when they need help with something and you want them to find your blog during their search. The majority of traffic to dollarBLAB is from organic search results and it’s the most beneficial for getting more AdSense revenue as well as more money from affiliate programs.

Another benefit of getting more organic traffic is that it’s a lot more targeted and those visitors will stick around your site a lot longer. This means more page views and a much lower bounce rate. There’s also a good chance that the visitors you get with organic traffic will sign up for your newsletter and even bookmark your site in order to revisit it in the future.

How to increase organic traffic

Here’s my guide on how to increase the amount of organic traffic to your site. These are the methods that I use and they’re the best ways to drive more organic traffic to your blog. The great thing about this guide is that all of these organic traffic tips are simple enough for anyone to implement into their own site. So, if you’re interested in getting more organic traffic to your blog you need to keep reading.


SEO means search engine optimization and it’s easily the most important part of increasing your organic traffic. You want your posts to appear at the top, or near the top of the search listings for specific keywords. If you’re not on the first page of Google then you won’t get nearly as much organic traffic as you could be getting.

If you have a WordPress blog then you really should be using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. It does an excellent job of helping you improve the SEO of each of your blog posts. It analyses the post and then makes suggestions on what you need to change or improve upon such as the keyword density. You want to make sure you choose a focus keyword so that Google knows what the page is about. There’s a sweet spot for the keyword density that you should target because you don’t want to repeat the same keyword too much or too little.

It’s also a good idea to focus more on longtail keywords if your blog is new. The reason for this is because there’s already going to be a lot of competition for the more popular keywords in your niche and a newer site will have a tougher time ranking higher than the more established sites. Use the Google AdWords Tool to find some low competition keywords that you can target in order to get more organic traffic. You’ll also find that using a more focused longtail keyword will convert better as well.

Another important part of SEO is making sure you pay careful attention to the title, URL, meta description, post length, outgoing links, etc. You’ll want to include your focus keyword near the beginning of your titles and URL in order to rank higher in the search engines. These are simple things to do but it often gets overlooked by a lot of bloggers.

Link Building

Most bloggers already know the importance of getting quality backlinks. Google loves seeing links from sites that are authoritative and have a high page rank. Getting links from sites with a high PR gives your own site high credibility in the eyes of Google and will make it appear much higher in the search rankings which means more organic traffic.

When building links you’ll want to make sure they’re only from sites in the same niche as yours. By spamming your links on sites that have nothing to do with your own niche, you’ll actually hurt your rankings and your site can even be blacklisted by Google. Getting quality backlinks can easily be accomplished by commenting on other blogs or writing guest posts for other blogs. Make sure you only leave comments that are actually informative otherwise people will just think you’re a spammer and it will severely damage you and your blogs credibility.

A common mistake bloggers make is by using some third party service that offers to give you thousands of backlinks for a small price. It takes time to build backlinks so people get impatient and then use these services to speed things up but in reality you’re hurting your chances of ever ranking highly in Google and getting any kind of organic traffic. Links need to appear naturally over time otherwise your site will get flagged as spam.

Social Media

Social media is how a lot of people communicate these days. It’s how we share the things we like with other people all around the world. This makes social media an extremely powerful tool for bloggers looking to get more organic traffic.

One of the best ways to take advantage of social media is by adding share buttons to each of your posts. There are numerous plugins and themes for WordPress that take care of this for you. This makes it very easy for your readers to share your content with everyone in their circles which leads to those people sharing it and so on. You’ll still need to write high quality posts that people actually want to read otherwise no one will feel compelled to share it.

As you can imagine, Google places a higher emphasis on people who share your content using Google Plus. Facebook and Twitter are still important but Google Plus sharing is something that Google wants to see more of. Getting more +1′s on your posts does actually factor into your search engine rankings which will ultimately lead to more organic traffic.

Write New Content

It can be tough coming up with new ideas sometimes but you need to try and update your blog often with new content. Google loves to see blogs that are updated frequently and will rank you higher than the millions of other blogs that don’t frequently update their site with new content.

Don’t update it with short little posts that don’t offer much value though. You’ll still need to write out good quality articles with a high word count. I try not to write anything under 1000 words but I’ll occasionally put up a shorter post. Writing longer posts allows you to provide a lot more valuable information to your readers than if you were to just take the easy route and write short posts.

Get Return Visitors

Getting more organic traffic is awesome but you’ll want to make sure you give a good first impression so those people stick around your blog and keep coming back in the future. You don’t want them to leave your site and go to the next one in the search results.

You’ll need to provide these people with useful information that answers the questions they were searching for in order to keep them on your blog. Not only that, your site actually needs to look nice and perform great. Make sure you get a good web hosting company to ensure maximum uptime. Having a good web host can also mean that your pages will load fast for your visitors.

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

It can be tempting to use black hat techniques in order to get more organic traffic quickly without having to put in a lot of time and effort. Don’t do this! Avoid things like link exchanges, services that offer to give you thousands of backlinks, etc. Google isn’t stupid and you’ll only be hurting your blog in the long run.

Be Patient

Google likes websites that are established and have been around for a long time. You can’t just start a new blog and expect to skyrocket to the top of the search rankings right at the beginning. It takes a lot of time and dedication to prove to people that you’re not just some blogger looking for a quick buck.

By writing good quality articles for years and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche Google will reward you with higher rankings. This is obviously the most time consuming but it’s the going to yield the most organic traffic once the majority of your blog posts are at the top of the search results.


It’s not overly difficult to drive more organic traffic to your blog but it can be time consuming. Don’t worry though, you will be rewarded for your efforts once your blog gets ranked highly and you get much more organic traffic coming in.

Leave a comment below and let everyone know what your tips are for getting more organic traffic.

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