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How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products for Your Blog

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products for Your Blog

There are many ways to monetize a blog using methods such as AdSense and other CPC, CPM ad networks. These are all excellent ways to make money without putting too much effort into it. However, in order to really increase your earnings, you should be selling affiliate products using your blog.

When implemented properly, affiliate products can make you a pretty huge amount of money. The most difficult part is actually getting people to buy the affiliate products. You’ll need to work hard at it and be very persistent in order to be successful selling affiliate products.

Choosing the best affiliate products for your blog

It can be difficult figuring out where to begin after you make the decision to sell affiliate products on your blog. I’ve already talked about how to start a blog the right way and the first step in that guide was choosing a niche. You need to do the same thing when choosing the best affiliate products to sell on your blog.

1) Start with an Affiliate Marketplace

When first starting out with affiliate products, the best place for you do find some good products in your niche is by joining an affiliate marketplace. A few of the top affiliate marketplaces are ShareASale, Clickbank, and Commission Junction. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of different products and really narrow it down to the ones that fit your niche.

2) Find individual affiliate products

Once you get a feel for selling affiliate products using an affiliate marketplace, you’ll most likely want to seek out even more affiliate marketing opportunities individually. You’ll quickly find that most products being sold online offer some sort of referral program. Simply search for some top selling products in your niche, visit the product website, and then look around the page for mention of an affiliate program. Chances are, you’ll find something for every product you search for.

3) Watch seasonal affiliate products

Certain products will sell better during specific times of year. Not only that, a lot of huge sales happen during big holidays throughout the year. For example, if it’s close to Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to promote affiliate products that are big sellers during that time such as flowers and cards. By being aware of which products are hot and in season, you’ll have a much easier time selling affiliate products.

4) Try the products yourself

You’ll have a much easier time promoting affiliate products on your blog if it’s something you’ve used yourself. It also really helps if you write a review for each of the affiliate products you’re selling in order to increase interest. You could even take it further and create videos of yourself actually using the products.

5) Check the commission

An important consideration to make when choosing affiliate products is the commission you’ll be receiving. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to promote products that have a small commission when there are plenty of them out there that pay a good amount. It can be difficult trying to get a sale from your affiliate products so you want it to really pay out good when you do actually make a sale.

6) Check the payment options

Once you finally make enough sales of your affiliate products in order to get a payment, you’ll want to make sure that you’re actually getting paid what you’re owed. The most popular methods of getting paid are PayPal, check, and direct deposit into your bank account. If an affiliate program doesn’t offer any of these options then I wouldn’t even bother working with them.

That’s all there is to it

As you can see, it’s not too terribly difficult to choose some good affiliate products to promote on your blog. By spending a little bit of time picking out products that will actually sell well, it’ll pay off in the end. Also, make sure you cloak your affiliate links in order to improve your sales.

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  1. If you are in need of a source of revenue for your blogging, you can always start with affiliate programs. This post makes it quite easy to understand the steps in starting with afflliate marketing.

    Just a word of advice though. We should be wary of the products we affiliate with as readers will get disillusioned if we recommend something that does not work :)

    • Thanks for the comment. I completely agree that people shouldn’t promote products they haven’t tried themselves. Doing so is a quick way to lose the trust of your readers. That’s why I don’t advertise any affiliate products on this site until I’ve actually used the product myself. Only the best of the best gets talked about here because I have first hand experience with the products and I know if they’re actually worth your hard earned money.
      Mike Howg recently posted…7 Best AdSense Alternatives for BloggersMy Profile

  2. Yes you’re right. Trying out a product before marketing gives you an edge than the one who has not tried it. You can convince someone easily than when you have not tried the product.

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