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19 Awesome Tools for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

19 Awesome Tools for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

Before you actually start a blog you need to think of a good name. I spent hours trying to come up with a good name for this blog, which is pretty insane now that I think about it. The reason it was such a tough decision for me is because the name has such a huge impact on a blog and how people will react to it so I wanted to get it right. At the time of choosing a blog name, I simply wrote everything down on paper until I came up with a blog name that stood out. I could’ve used a domain name generator but that wasn’t something that even crossed my mind at the time.

There’s a lot of excellent domain name generators out there that can help when you just can’t pull any good blog names out of that brain of yours. Don’t end up like me, spending hours of your day writing names down on paper. Although I did end up with a great name, the process would have went faster if I had some help from a domain name generator.

What can a domain name generator do for you?

You’re not going to completely rely on a domain name generator to come up with the exact name of your blog. That would be crazy to put the future of your blog in the hands of a machine. You’ll still have to use your own creativity when thinking of a name in addition to getting some help from a name generator. Think of the name generator as a tool that gives you some direction but doesn’t actually take you to the destination.

You’ll want a name that tells people what your blog is about immediately after they hear it or see it. Not only that, it should be as short as possible to make it easy for people to remember and share. A domain name generator probably won’t be able to find an exact blog name for you but it’ll definitely get you on the right track.

19 domain name generators that will rock your socks

I’ve put together a list of the best domain name generators that can help you discover that perfect name. I narrowed it down to the top 20 and they each have a unique spin on generating your new blog name.

1) Panabee

Panabee Blog Name Generator

Search for domain names, app names, and company names using Panabee. If your perfect name is taken, Panabee will make suggestions derived from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends.

2) Wordoid

Wordoid Blog Name Generator

Wordoid uses completely made up words to come up with a good domain name for your blog. There are a few options to tweak and you’ll get a huge list of crazy looking domain names.

3) NameStation

Namestation Blog Name Generator

Enter a few words that describe what your blog is about and then generate a name from that. It’s pretty simple to get started generating plenty of unique domain names.

4) NameThingy

Namethingy Blog Name Generator

NameThingy is a little bit different than the other domain name generators. It will constantly scroll the random words and it gives you tons of options to change which words appear on the screen.

5) Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator Blog Name Generator

There are a couple of dropdown menus on Dot-o-mator that allow you to choose a category that contains a bunch of random words. You then combine the two categories into your domain name. There’s also the option to input any word you like into the box.


Domainr Blog Name Generator allows you to create names by being pretty creative. You can create names with the standard .com and .net, but also allows country specific domains, second-level domains, and sponsored domains. It’s very clever.

7) Impossibility!

Impossibility Blog Name Generator

Start by choosing a word the best describes your blog. Then, choose an adjective, verb, or noun of varying length that you want at the beginning or end of your chosen word. You’ll end up with a lot of great ideas for a blog name.

8) BustAName

BustAName Blog Name Generator

Keep adding as many words as you want into the word combiner and BustAName will automatically start creating combinations for you. It’s very simple and user-friendly.

9) NameBoy

Nameboy Blog Name Generator

Choose a primary word and a secondary word and then let NameBoy do the rest for you. It will combine the words and give you a bunch of possible combinations.

10) Domize

Domize Blog Name Generator

Start typing your desired domain name in the box and as you type it, Domize will start spitting out all the possible combinations. It works super fast and gives you a lot of different combos.

11) LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch Blog Name Generator

Enter the word that you want included in your domain and then let Lean Domain Search do the rest. You’ll get a HUGE list of results just from putting in one word.

12) Name Mesh

Name Mesh Blog Name Generator

Type out a couple of words that describe your blog and Name Mesh will give you plenty of results. They offer domains that are similar to your choices, names that are a fun variations, and names that are SEO optimized.

13) NameTumbler

NameTumbler Blog Name Generator

NameTumbler works similarly to the Impossibility domain name generator. It will add random words to a keyword that you choose. There’s plenty to choose from including verbs, nouns, countries, computer terms, financial terms, and much more.

14) DomainsBot

DomainsBot Blog Name Generator

Choose which words you want and DomainsBot will quickly give you all the different combinations. It’s similar to a few of the other domain name generators on this list.

15) NameStall

NameStall Blog Name Generator

NameStall offers an enormous amount of options for customizing a keyword that you choose.

16) Domain Puzzler

DomainPuzzler Blog Name Generator

Add as many words as you want into the giant search box and let Domain Puzzler do the rest. It’s a little bit slower than the other options but it has a very simple interface which is nice.

17) SuggestName

SuggestName Blog Name Generator

SuggestName works exactly like Dot-o-mator with a nice clean and fast interface.

18) Bulktopia

Bulktopia Blog Name Generator

Add your keywords into the search box and Bulktopia will generate a list of names for you. It’s a little slow but it gives you a nice list of domains that are actually still available for purchase.

19) DomainHole

DomainHole Blog Name Generator

DomainHole doesn’t use any specific keyword. All you do is choose the length of the domain and which extension you want and then DomainHole picks random words.

Go grab your new blog name

There’s plenty of other domain name generators out there but these are the best of the best. You’ll have no trouble coming up with a killer blog name that everyone will be talking about with the help of these awesome name generators.

Now all you need to do is register your domain name so that nobody else takes it from you and completely crushes your spirits. I suggest you hurry because it really could get snatched up at any moment. Once you’ve got your name picked out, take a look at my tips on starting a blog. Congrats! You’re on your way to becoming a blogger.

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  1. That’s a lot of different domain name generators! I had no idea there were so many of them. When I started my blog I didn’t put much thought into the name and now I really regret it.

    • I had no idea that there were generators in the first place! :P I’m glad i stumbled upon this since I’ve started a little business on the side and was thinking of first starting a blog before I launch the official website to get some traffic. This would be really helpful for a catchy name. Much appreciated post!

  2. I never thought of using any of these website to generate blog names, which I would use blog name that relates to something I like and know. However, they are great sites in case I can’t think of anything because I want to have a good blog name that sounds good and won’t push people away when they hear about it. I would think blog name is one of the most important part of the blog, especially when you want more visitors so they can remember the name and not feeling like they have to leave because the name sounds weird or something.

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