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7 Best CPM Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make Money

7 Best CPM Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make Money

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) advertising is one of the best ways for a high traffic blog to make money. CPM advertising networks pay you based on how many impressions each advertisement gets. An impression is counted every single time the ad is loaded on your blog and unlike CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, CPM doesn’t require people to actually click on the ads.

Running CPM ads on your blog sounds like a great idea but you need to be aware that it’s mainly for blogs with a large amount of traffic. If you’re getting thousands of visitors per day then definitely take a look at adding CPM ads to your blog. CPM rates vary depending on the advertiser buy you’ll typically get $1 to $3 per thousand impressions which can really add up in a hurry.

If you’re interested in adding CPM ads to your blog then check out my top 7 CPM ad networks. These CPM ad networks are the best of the best by offering the highest rates around as well offering ads from the biggest companies on the planet.

1) Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is one of the most popular CPM ad networks around. They offer some of the highest paying rates to their publishers but there are also some steep qualifications involved in order to be accepted by Tribal Fusion. Your blog must have a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors each month in order to apply. Tribal Fusion offer a minimum payout of $50 which can be delivered via PayPal or check. It’s difficult to get accepted but the amount of money to be made with Tribal Fusion CPM ads is huge.

2) CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is another highly respected CPM ad network. They offer a bunch of different ad options to choose from so that you can blend them in with the design of your blog. In order to qualify, your blog must have at least 30,000 unique visitors each month and it must be a self-hosted site. That means you can’t run CPM ads if you’re blog is hosted on one of the free blogging platforms such as Blogger. The minimum payout is $100 via check.

3) is a divison of AOL Networks and is one of the highest paying CPM ad networks. In order to join, your blog must have a very high number of unique visitors. It’s not specified exactly but I would guess it’s in the range of 500,000 just like Tribal Fusion. They have a low minimum payout of only $25 which can only be paid by check.

4) Technorati Media

Technorati is most famous for its blog directory. However, Technorati Media is a little different in that it’s a full blown CPM ad network. They offer high rates but have high standards when choosing publishers. Technorati Media uses many factors when accepting blogs such as unique visitors, pageviews, quality of content, etc. They offer a minimum payout of $50 through check or PayPal.

5) Burst Media

Burst Media offers high rates for CPM ads as well as plenty of customization options. In order for your blog to qualify, it must get at least 5000 unique visitors or 25,000 pageviews each month. Not only that, your blog is also judged on the quality and quantity of content offered. Burst Media offers a minimum payout of $50 and it pays out using either check, PayPal, or wire transfer.

6) Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is another excellent CPM network that has good rates for its publishers. They also provide plenty of tools in order to better integrate the CPM ads into your blog. Vibrant Media offers in-text, in-image, and banner advertisements to choose from. The requirements to be accepted are quite high as they require at least 500,000 page impressions each month in order to apply.

7) Casale Media

Casale Media offers its publishers high CPM rates. Publishers are also given tools to track campaign performance in order to better optimize your site. There are plenty of CPM ad formats to choose from including standard and rich media banners as well as pop-under ads. Your blog must get a minimum of 50,000 unique visitors in order to apply to Casale Media.

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  1. seriously great sharing…
    i really love this article…
    thanks a lot

  2. Good write up! Just that I’m yet to understand if CPM could make one large amounts . Can one depend solely on CPM to make more money online.

    • @bonyi

      Usually people make confusion regarding the CPM ad networks. A lot of them belive that delivering a big amount of impressions (banner impressions) is all they need to do in order to make some money. What all should understand is that advertisers do not go for CPM only to have stunning statistics, they also need to have some kind of benefits from it(visitors to the website, sales, etc).

      Using a banner somewhere one the page where is almost impossible with the only purpose of generating impression is not what this kind of networks look for.

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