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AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better?

AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better?

One of the most common things on a bloggers mind is what’s the best way to monetize a blog. AdSense vs affiliate marketing is one of the more popular questions that I get asked on a regular basis and it’s not always a simple answer. Most people automatically assume that AdSense is easier and more profitable than affiliate marketing but I’m here to tell you that it’s not always the case when talking about AdSense vs affiliate marketing.

Sure, AdSense is easy to set up and forget compared to affiliate marketing which takes more time and micromanaging in order to get sales. However, when done properly, affiliate marketing is a much bigger money maker over AdSense. This still doesn’t solve the battle of AdSense vs affiliate marketing though as there’s more to it than just earning a bigger amount from an affiliate sale.

The great thing about AdSense vs affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to limit yourself to only one option. I monetize my blog using both AdSense and affiliate marketing and have made more money through affiliate marketing. Google doesn’t have a problem with using affiliate links in addition to AdSense as long as your site has plenty of quality content and isn’t built with the sole purpose of promoting affiliate products.

Being able to utilize both AdSense as well as affiliate marketing is great but it still doesn’t solve the question of AdSense vs affiliate marketing. Every blog is different and just because I’ve had more success with affiliate marketing doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same thing. Keep reading and I’ll break it down further for you in order to make the decision easier.

AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

So, what are some of the main differences when discussing AdSense vs affiliate marketing? Here’s a quick rundown of all the major differences you’ll notice between the two monetization methods:

Affiliate Marketing Pros:

  • Affiliate marketing pays more than AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing is easier to get into
  • There are thousands of affiliate products available to all blog niches
  • Affiliates offer different payment methods such as PayPal

Google AdSense Pros:

  • AdSense can be used on multiple sites
  • There are many AdSense revenue sharing sites
  • Offers very comprehensive tools and stats
  • Many different choices of ads

When it comes to AdSense vs affiliate marketing, both options are excellent choices but affiliate marketing does offer more money. One affiliate sale can earn as much as $125 in the case of HostGator. This is a huge amount of money if you’re able to get many sales each month.

Affiliate marketing is only effective on certain pages of your site though while AdSense can earn on every page it’s displayed on. This is why each one works so well together and is essential for any blog to earn a good amount of money. AdSense can passively earn you small amounts of money while affiliate marketing brings in the big dollars.

AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing: The Winner

If you were to break it down by the amount of money you’ll make from each of these methods, Affiliate marketing is the clear winner. However, if you have multiple websites then that’s where AdSense can really shine. Google allows you to display ads on many different websites as long as they follow the AdSense rules.

If you’re a new blogger then I suggest that you focus on getting set up with AdSense first. Once you have an AdSense account, you can place the ads on your site and then forget about it for the most part. Once that’s set up, concentrate on selling a couple high quality products in your niche.

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  1. I never understood why some blogged limited themselves to only one or the other. I never liked the high payout threshold of adsense but still used bidvertiser in it’s place. That combines with relevant ads within the content for affiliate programs that pay for lead generation have worked well. Adsense has a lot of rules too so you would want to make sure to read through them thoroughly before using it.

  2. I agree, I never understand why people always think one or the other. A combination of the two can always pay out just as well as sticking to either exclusively, if not better. I use Adsense for a steady cash flow and affiliate marketing for the occasional extras.

  3. I love adsense,,, but in mu some blogs.. i love better affiliates..
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  4. Affiliate Marketing is better to earn huge money from a niche blog/website and i always love affiliate marketing because there is a very low risk of ad ban than Google Adsense :D
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