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7 Best AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

7 Best AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

Did your Google AdSense account get banned and now you’re stuck trying to find an alternative? Having this happen can be such a demoralizing experience for any blogger. A lot of us rely on our AdSense revenue to pay the bills each month and having that taken away is a real punch to the gut. Google has some very strict Adsense rules and you may have inadvertently broken one of those rules and now you’re scrambling to find some AdSense alternatives in order to get back on your feet.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of Google AdSense alternatives you can use to monetize your blog. Some of these are even bigger money makers than AdSense, depending on your blog and how much traffic it gets. All of these AdSense alternatives will work alongside AdSense as well so you can use them even if your account wasn’t banned.

7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1) Chitika

AdSense Alternatives - Chitika

Chitika is one of the most well known AdSense alternatives and it’s where people usually go first when they’re stuck without an AdSense account. It works a little differently than AdSense because your visitors won’t see any Chitika ads unless they’re coming to your site from a search engine. I’ve used Chitika in the past and found that it didn’t earn me much revenue. It’s still a very popular AdSense alternative and you should definitely give it a shot because it may be successful for you.

Chitika Highlights

  • Minimum payout of $10 with PayPal and $50 for check
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Offers text ads, list unit ads, mobile ads, and map ads
  • Easy approval even for small blogs

2) Kontera

AdSense Alternatives - Kontera

Kontera is another very popular AdSense alternative that uses an in-text advertising model. It adds links to your content based on specific keywords and displays as a doubled-underlined text link in your post with pop-up ads when you hover over it. You’ve probably seen many websites that use this type of advertising.

Kontera is a CPC program that pays you when people click on the ads. One of the great things about it is that it even works alongside of AdSense. You can also customize the ads how you want. Some of the options include change link color, control link density, and more. It works great as an AdSense alternative.

Kontera Highlights

  • Minimum payout of $50
  • Pays out using PayPal, check, and wire transfer
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Uses in-text ads

3) Infolinks

AdSense Alternatives - Infolinks

Infolinks uses the same in-text advertising model that Kontera uses. It will automatically scan your page and insert hyperlinks based on certain keywords. Infolinks has a small minimum payout of $50 and has a lot of different payment options. I highly recommend Infolinks as it’s one of the better AdSense alternatives out there.

Infolinks Highlights

  • Minimum payout of $50
  • Pays out using PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer, ACH, eCheck
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Uses in-text ads

4) BuySellAds

AdSense Alternatives - BuySellAds

BuySellAds is different from the other AdSense alternatives that I previously mentioned. Advertisers are basically buying ad space on your blog by using BuySellAds as the middleman. It can be a hassle selling ad space on your own which is why BuySellAds is so successful. One of the downsides is that BuySellAds is one of the more strict AdSense alternatives when it comes to approving publisher.

BuySellAds Highlights

  • Minimum payout of $20 for PayPal, $50 for check, and $500 for wire transfer
  • Numerous different types of ads
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Very high standards when accepting sites

5) Vibrant Media

AdSense Alternatives - Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is another one of the AdSense alternatives that offers in-text ads. In addition to the in-text ads, Vibrant Media also offers a couple of newer options. The first is in-image ads that integrate text ads within images. The second is what’s called a display ad and it uses the CPM (Cost Per Thousand) advertising model which is great if your blog gets a lot of pageviews.

Vibrant Media Highlights

  • Pays out by check and wire transfer
  • uses in-text ads, image ads, dynamic display ads, related content ads
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Requires a minimum of 500K page impressions a month

6) Yahoo Bing Network

AdSense Alternatives - Yahoo Bing Network

Media.net is another excellent AdSense alternative that’s actually powered by both Yahoo and Bing. A major advantage of Media.net over Google AdSense is that it allows publishers to customize their ad units in terms of style (size, color, shapes) in order to blend in with the website your adding it to.

You should be aware that Media.net is invitation only at this time and it’s mainly open to sites with US, UK, and Canadian traffic. If you do manage to get accepted, you’ll notice some pretty good results as it works very similarly to AdSense.

Yahoo Bing Network Highlights

  • Minimum payout of $100 by PayPal and wire transfer
  • Must be invited into the program
  • Highly customizable ads
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense

7) Clicksor

AdSense Alternatives - Clicksor

Clicksor is an AdSense alternative that allows publishers to serve text, contextual and popup ads. They offer a minimum payout of $50 and you can choose from PayPal or Check.

Clicksor Highlights

  • Pays out with PayPal, check, and wire transfer
  • Minimum payout of $50 for PayPal and check, $1000 for wire transfer
  • Can be used alongside Google AdSense
  • Lots of different ad sizes

Make even more money with AdSense alternatives

Now, thanks to these AdSense alternatives, you don’t need to freak out anymore if your AdSense account was banned. These AdSense alternatives are an excellent way to keep bringing in the money for you.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I have used AdSense, Chitika and Kontera out of this list you just mentioned. In terms of payouts Chitika is the best. In case of CPC, no one can beat AdSense though. Kontera was a little uneasy for me as we don’t have any control over the keywords and the links being used in the content. So I just kind of skipped it.
    Thanks for sharing this useful list with us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…Join Us and Get Paid For Every Article You WriteMy Profile

  2. Hi Mike
    Honestly i just tried Chitika and never heard about the rest before. But i will try it. I absolutely agree with your point of view Adsense is the top for CPC for sure.
    thanks for your sharing.

    Stephan recently posted…Why you should start your business with Opencart?My Profile

  3. Hi Mike, totally agree with you. Chitika can never make you earn as good as adsense. Not even close! I still see it is always in the list of adsense alternative. Same case with kontera and infolinks. They are more like spam links then ads.
    Worli recently posted…How to Find The Right SEO Service For Small BusinessesMy Profile

  4. Hi Mike,I agree that Chitika is the best alternative to Adsense. However, you might want to check out Bidvertiser. The interface is not the best(its a bit clunkly, IMHO), but I have been surprised at the CPC and the ads are very customizeable. The 10 or so listed on this page are the ad networks I have used on my blogs/sites/forums and the ones I recommend the most after Adsense.


  5. i have tried chitika , but it is good only when ur major trafffic from us ,uk or australia. for asian countries it kinds of disappoint me .
    also no one can beat adsense on cpc
    subham recently posted…Top 15 Logical Puzzles and BrainTeasers :Tips and Tricks of Java Programming PuzzlesMy Profile

  6. I will be honest – I ditched ClickBank and AdSense altogether from my blog….reason being there are too many merchants who’s products and services either get banned or leave ClickBank and as for AdSense, it gives visitors to your website another route to click and leave your site. If you have affiliate programs and products already on your site, you are guaranteed to make more money with them than through AdSense, unless your are driving some serious traffic. I personally say just do away with ads and ad networks and focus on affiliate programs to monetize your blog that have one or few solid products to offer, because like I mentioned, you will make more money that way.
    Josh Racicot recently posted…mCommerce Foundation Test DriveMy Profile

  7. Good List. But I was expecting BidVertiser in the list. It is the site from which I made my first dollars online and today i make 200 dollars/month from it.

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