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Make Money Blogging – 5 Tips for Getting Paid with your Blog

Make Money Blogging – 5 Tips for Getting Paid with your Blog

Blogging has become a very popular activity for people to partake in because we all have an opinion to give. It’s an excellent way to share your knowledge and your passion about any given topic. One of the biggest motivators for people these days is that they hear about being able to make money blogging. This is definitely true as long as you take the proper steps to prepare your blog for making money.

It’s actually quite simple these days for anyone to make money blogging. There are numerous methods to monetize a blog and they all pay out a pretty good sum of money. Read my 5 steps on how to transform your blog into a money making machine.

5 tips to make money blogging

1) Take your time when choosing a niche

You should choose a niche that you’re actually knowledgeable and passionate about. You want people to actually respect your opinion so that they keep coming back as well as tell their friends about you. Choosing a niche that you’re not passionate about is also a quick way to run out of writing ideas.

If you really want to make good money with your blog then you should also choose a niche that’s highly profitable. It should still be a topic that you’ll be able to write about on a regular basis though.

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2) SEO is VERY important to make money blogging

If you want to bring in a huge amount of blog traffic that’s profitable then you’ll need to spend time working on SEO. All of your posts need to target a specific keyword in order to rank highly in the search engines. Not only that, you’ll also want to target keywords that have a high CPC (cost per click) if you monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Drive even more traffic to your blog by choosing a keyword rich domain name. For example, if your keyword is “online money” then you would want to choose a domain name that includes that keyword. Doing this properly will rank you very highly in the search engines which will increase the amount of visitors your blog gets. More visitors equals more potential money from blogging.

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3) Write informative blog posts

The most important part of any blog is the actual content. Your posts need to be very high quality and provide an extensive amount of knowledge on each subject you write about. This builds your reputation and trust amongst people which leads to more money. Another important part of blogging is updating your blog often. People will eventually stop coming back if they see that you’re not interested in keeping the blog updated.

4) Build your backlinks

Backlinks are important in order to drive more traffic to your blog. There are many ways to get more backlinks but some of the more popular methods are commenting on Dofollow blogs, guest blogging, adding your blog to directories, submitting to article directories, and putting your blog link in forum and email signatures.

5) Monetize your blog

Everything I have previously written about in this post won’t actually make you any money. You still need to follow those steps though, as they’re necessary for preparing your blog to make the most money possible. The money actually comes once you decide on how you want to monetize your blog.

There are plenty of options for monetizing your blog but there are a few tried and true methods that the most successful bloggers use. The most popular methods of monetizing a blog are with Google AdSense, selling your own products, and affiliate marketing. You should work on getting Google AdSense added to your blog first and then affiliate marketing. Don’t begin selling your own products until you have an established reader base.

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Make a living with your blog

Now you know what it takes to make money blogging. Your blog requires some preparation before you actually monetize it but it’ll be well worth it in the long run. There are a lot of people who actually make a full time living from home just from blogging and you could be one of those people. So, go get started on your blog right now!

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  1. These are some amazing tips! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog but I’m not sure if I have the “niche” part down. I wanted it to be about writing essays for applications, tests and college papers, but I’m not sure if I can keep coming up with constant new content. I guess I’ll have to keep brainstorming!

    • I have the same problem! I wouldn’t say I have great writing skills and I think that’s also why I can’t find my “niche”. But I honestly think that your idea is fantastic. Especially the college paper bit, I know that would help me tons ;)

  2. I have been looking a way to make extra money by blogging, which these are great tips because I don’t really know that people would make money by doing such things. I would think it’s important to write something that will likely to attract a lot of people, otherwise, they wouldn’t come back after they’ve read your first post on the blog. I think writing ideas that you will know what people would like to read about is a good idea to draw readers and visitors. Plus, keep bringing new contents, just like the above post said, also helps to get more readers.

  3. I absolutely love reading blogs on topics I’m interested in. It gives you a real point of view and feedback on something of interest. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now. I know my “theme” or topic of discussion with many ways to keep the content fresh and interesting. There is just so much that goes into blogging I don’t even know where to get started. This post and this entire blog is a great resource for first timers and I know it will be helpful when I get started.

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