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40 Excellent Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue

40 Excellent Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue

Most bloggers will agree that AdSense is one of the best ways to make money from blogging. I’ve been using it on my own blogs, as well as some AdSense revenue sharing sites for a few years now and have earned a very good amount of money from it. There’s numerous ways you can increase your AdSense revenue and I’m going to share my favorite ones in this article.

40 ways to increase your AdSense revenue

I’ve decided to make a list of all the best ways you can increase your AdSense revenue in order to help people get the most from AdSense. These are all things that I’ve tried in the past and have had success with. Every blog is different though so you’ll need to experiment to see which methods work best for you to increase your AdSense revenue.

  1. Target high paying keywords with Google AdWords Tool
  2. Choose a low competition niche
  3. Follow the Google AdSense rules
  4. Place ads inside your content
  5. Blend text ads into your content
  6. Add Google search to your site
  7. Don’t place too many ads on your site
  8. Don’t forget to take advantage of Link Units
  9. Large rectangle ads get more attention
  10. Keep track of which ads make the most money
  11. Swap out ads that don’t earn much
  12. Promote your site with Google AdWords
  13. Drive more traffic to your blog
  14. Get better search rankings with quality backlinks
  15. Improve SEO using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin
  16. Update your blog often
  17. Place ads at the very top of short articles
  18. Place ads in the middle of long articles
  19. Use AdSense revenue sharing sites
  20. Choose a high paying blog niche
  21. Use image and text ads
  22. Make ad colors match your website colors
  23. Use different size ad units
  24. Make sure your ads are visible
  25. Don’t use borders on the ads
  26. Write interesting and unique content
  27. Use 720×90 ad in the header
  28. Use the Quick Adsense WordPress plugin
  29. Spread the ads out on the page
  30. Use low competition keywords
  31. Pay attention to your keyword density
  32. Use 3 ad units and 3 link units per page
  33. Join YouTube Partner program
  34. Don’t add a title such as “sponsors” to your ad widgets
  35. Concentrate on getting more targeted traffic
  36. Blend link units into your content
  37. Experiment with ad size and placement
  38. Place ads above the fold
  39. Take advantage of all AdSense features offered
  40. Reduce outbound links on the page

There are plenty of strategies to increase AdSense revenue in addition to the ones I listed but these are the best ones to try first. The key thing to remember is that not everything is going to work for you and your blog. Don’t be afraid to experiment in order to find what works best for increasing AdSense revenue on your particular blog.

You really should integrate your AdSense and Analytics accounts in order to get a better idea of your readers behavior. Having as much information as possible is going to ultimately be the best way to decide which ads work the best for you and will give you the best possible AdSense revenue.

Leave a comment below and let me know what AdSense revenue strategies work best for your blog.

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  1. nice one.and also place choose text ads with relevant font color gives the more click in adsense

  2. Yes Adsense is a good way to make money from your site but then it takes a while before you’re approved. You must be hardworking and have good content for them to get you on board. Thanks for the information. This is comprehensive.

  3. hey Mikey thats a pretty good tips to increase adsense revenue.

    But Got some query on point 12 ” Promote your site with Google Adwords” can you explain a bit more on this how advertising is gona increase adsense revenue.

    As if we are targeting high paying keywords either with high comp or low comp, but if the cpc is high then the advertising cost will be higher as well for that particular keyword…

    Another on point 22 “Make ad colors match your website colors”
    Just for example if i target 468×60 ads, is it ok if i blend it without border, as if we keep the ads with border its not getting blend in article completely. ohh thats already explained in point 25…

    Point 32 ” 3 link units” I havent done any search while witing this but need to recheck again after this as i was thinking that max 2 link ads are allowed.

    Thats it Mikey the post is informative but on some places i got confused hope you can come up with a explanation on this…

    over to you…..
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