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10 Awesome Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

10 Awesome Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Being able to get quality backlinks is the goal of every blogger. This is because links have always been an integral part of how the Internet operates and it’s one of the ways Google determines your search ranking. So, If you want more people to find your site through search engines, you’ll need to get quality backlinks.

Over the years, Google has been cracking down on people spamming forums, comments, and guest blog posts in order to get a backlink to their blog. A lot of people would simply use programs to spam their links all over the place and it led to terrible blogs being ranked highly. These days, it’s all about the quality of your content as well as the quality of your backlinks. In order to get higher search rankings you’ll need to get quality backlinks.

If you want to get quality backlinks then you need to put some time and effort into it. That’s the whole point of Google cracking down on backlink spammers. They only want to promote quality content with their search engine. So, if you’re a blogger looking for ways to get quality backlinks then this is the post for you. Read on for my tips on how to get quality backlinks.

10 awesome ways to get quality backlinks

10 Awesome Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

1) Social Networking Profiles

All of the big social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin have a high page rank and are the perfect candidate to get quality backlinks. Most people don’t realize that you can usually add a dofollow link to your site on your profile pages and they don’t take advantage of it. It’s an excellent way for a new blog to get quality backlinks from high page ranking sites.

This is the first thing you should be doing after starting a new blog and are looking for some super easy ways to get quality backlinks. Having some links in your Google+ profile plays a big role in your search engine rankings so you’ll want to get your profile set up right away. Don’t neglect the other social networking sites though because they’re also very high page rank and putting a link in your profile page is such an easy way to get quality backlinks with very little effort.

2) Article Marketing

Another great way to get quality backlinks is by submitting articles to article directories. There are quite a few good ones but I would first focus your efforts on EzineArticles. They will allow you to add two dofollow backlinks in your article so make sure you take advantage of that. You won’t get paid to submit your article there but you’ll get quality backlinks from your efforts since EzineArticles has a solid pagerank of 6.

In addition to EzineArticles, you should also check out GoArticles, HubPages, and Squidoo for even more exposure for your articles. It’s also possible to make some money by submitting your articles to HubPages and Squidoo. However, I would save all of your best writing for your own blog. This way you retain ownership of it and could make your own ebook in the future by using all the blog posts you’ve written.

3) Press Releases

Another excellent way to get quality backlinks for your blog is by using press release sites. This has the potential to give you a lot of backlinks if you do it properly. Think about it, these press release sites provide a huge amount of content to all sorts of smaller websites looking for news to report on. This gives you a huge opportunity to get quality backlinks from these smaller sites that are seeking news to write about.

The trick in being able to get quality backlinks from press release sites is by making your press release stand out from all the others. As a blogger, you probably already know the power of having an eye catching headline; this tactic applies to press releases as well. Writing a headline that stands out and grabs peoples attention is the key to making this work. Also, don’t forget to add a link to your blog in the body of the press release just to make sure that you’re getting credit when people are scraping your content.

4) Write Quality Content

One of the best ways to get quality backlinks is by posting amazing articles on your own blog. By providing articles that are genuine and contain valuable information, other people will be more likely to link to it, bookmark it, or share it on social media. This is also the easiest way to get quality backlinks since you should be providing only the best content on your blog anyway.

5) Guest Blogging

I’m sure you’ve all heard of guest blogging before and how it can benefit your blog. It’s an excellent way to get quality backlinks because the blogs you’re posting on have most likely been around for a while and are already trusted by Google. Another great thing about guest blogging is that it benefits both parties; you’ll get quality backlinks, and the blog hosting your guest post will get more content on his or her site.

There are some things you should be aware of before you start guest blogging though. You’ll want to make sure you only guest post on blogs that are related to your own niche and you’ll want to make sure your article is high quality. Only submit something that you think is good enough to be posted on your own site. Sure, you might be giving up some good content to another blogger, but in return you’ll get quality backlinks.

6) Blog Commenting

Another tried and true method to get quality backlinks is with blog commenting. However, in order for blog commenting to produce quality backlinks, you’ll need to write valuable comments on blogs that are related to your own niche. You can’t just go around spamming “That was a great article” on every single blog you come across as this will have a negative effect on your search rankings.

When building quality backlinks through blog commenting, you need to be aware of whether or not the blog your commenting on is dofollow or nofollow. This is easily accomplished by using the SEOquake browser plugin because it will put a line through any link that is nofollow. The reason we want to know this is because leaving a comment on a nofollow blog won’t provide you with a backlink that Google will recognize when determining your search ranking.

Another way to really get quality backlinks with blog commenting is by finding blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin installed. This allows you to choose from 10 of your most recently published blog posts to link back to. It’s a great plugin and an awesome way to build some very high quality backlinks.

7) Document Sharing Sites

You’d be surprised at how effective document sharing sites can be for building backlinks. It’s very simple to submit your articles to these document sharing sites and the result will be some easily obtained, quality backlinks.

All you need to do is create pdf files from your blog posts and then upload it to the document sharing site. It doesn’t get much easier than this when trying to get quality backlinks.

8) Blog Directories

Blog directories don’t quite hold the same weight as they used to but there are still a couple that you can get quality backlinks from. Being listed on these directories will make a HUGE difference in your search ranking. The first blog directory you should submit your blog to is DMOZ. It’s been around for years and is a very trusted site in the eyes of Google. Getting a listing on DMOZ will make your posts jump up in the search rankings quite a bit.

Another blog directory that you can get quality backlinks from is Technorati. Just like DMOZ, Technorati has been around for years and is highly trusted by Google. The reason Google trusts these two blog directories so much is because they manually choose only the best sites to add to the directory. What this means is, because the directory is only made up of high quality websites, Google will rank the sites listed there much higher than sites that aren’t listed there.

9) RSS Directories

RSS directories are another way to get quality backlinks and it’s relatively simple to do. A lot of these RSS directories are free and they allow anyone to submit their feed. If you don’t want to manually submit your feed to hundreds of different directories, there are some tools out there that will automatically submit it for you.

10) Forum Posting

Posting on forums works similarly to how blog commenting works. First, you’ll need to find some high pagerank forums that are related to your niche in order to be able to get quality backlinks from it. Then, you just register an account and make sure to add a signature that includes your link before you start posting.

As long as you’re contributing quality posts to the forum and it’s related to your niche, you’ll get quality backlinks for your efforts. Google frowns upon spamming so that’s why it’s very important not to spam every single forum you come across.


As you can see, there are plenty of options to get quality backlinks for your blog. Some methods might work better than others when it comes to SEO but they’ll all produce great results. So, It’s entirely up to you which methods you want to use in order to get quality backlinks.

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  3. These are great tips that I will put into practice with my website. I think it’s also important to avoid backlinking practices that may get you penalized. For example, avoid getting lots of links in a short period of time. This could get your website penalized. Also, be wary of link exchange programs and be aware of the ratio between outbound ad inbound links.

  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for your advice to build quality backlinks. I think Article marketing is one the best way to get quality backlinks and i don’t agree with you about social networking profile backlinks. Because social networking profile backlinks are not works good as past.

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