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How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Drive More Organic Traffic | dollarBLAB

There are numerous methods for getting more traffic to your site. I’ve already written about some of the best ways to get more blog traffic but in this article I’m going to tell you how to get more organic traffic coming in to your site. Getting more organic traffic is the best way to grow your blog. Not only will ... Read More »

AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better?

AdSense vs Affiliate | dollarBLAB

One of the most common things on a bloggers mind is what’s the best way to monetize a blog. AdSense vs affiliate marketing is one of the more popular questions that I get asked on a regular basis and it’s not always a simple answer. Most people automatically assume that AdSense is easier and more profitable than affiliate marketing but ... Read More »

40 Excellent Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue

AdSense Revenue Tips | dollarBLAB

Most bloggers will agree that AdSense is one of the best ways to make money from blogging. I’ve been using it on my own blogs, as well as some AdSense revenue sharing sites for a few years now and have earned a very good amount of money from it. There’s numerous ways you can increase your AdSense revenue and I’m ... Read More »

7 Best AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites | dollarBLAB

We all know that Google AdSense is an excellent way to make money from your blog. However, most people don’t realize there’s also a large amount of sites that offer AdSense revenue sharing that can increase your earnings even further. So, if you already have an AdSense account, you could be making even more money with it by taking advantage ... Read More »

7 Best CPM Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make Money

Best CPM Ad Networks | dollarBLAB

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) advertising is one of the best ways for a high traffic blog to make money. CPM advertising networks pay you based on how many impressions each advertisement gets. An impression is counted every single time the ad is loaded on your blog and unlike CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, CPM doesn’t require people to actually ... Read More »

How to Make Money with HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator Affiliate Program | dollarBLAB

Anyone interested in affiliate marketing has most likely heard about the HostGator affiliate program. It’s one of the most popular affiliate programs on the Internet because it pays great and is a big seller. Your blog doesn’t even necessarily need to be in the web hosting niche in order to benefit from the HostGator affiliate program, although it certainly doesn’t ... Read More »

What is Cost Per Click (CPC) Internet Advertising

What is Cost Per Click (CPC) | dollarBLAB

CPC (Cost Per Click) is where advertisers pay the publisher, which is usually the website owner, whenever someone clicks on their ad. The publisher receives compensation as long as the click is made and it doesn’t matter what happens after that. It’s a great way for advertisers to get more visitors while at the same time providing compensation to the ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products for Your Blog

Choosing Affiliate Products | dollarBLAB

There are many ways to monetize a blog using methods such as AdSense and other CPC, CPM ad networks. These are all excellent ways to make money without putting too much effort into it. However, in order to really increase your earnings, you should be selling affiliate products using your blog. When implemented properly, affiliate products can make you a ... Read More »

6 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform | dollarBLAB

WordPress is easily the most popular blogging platform around the world. Everything offered by WordPress completely outclasses the other blogging platforms available. In fact, I love using WordPress on all of my blogs and I personally consider it to be the best blogging platform available today. Not only is it great for beginning bloggers, it’s also amazing for seasoned blogging ... Read More »

17 Excellent Paid Survey Sites that Actually Pay

Best Paid Survey Sites | dollarBLAB

Updated June 2, 2014 Paid survey sites are one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are a loads of paid survey sites out there to choose from and the best part is that it’s quick and easy to make money by filling out these surveys. With so many paid survey sites on the Internet though, it can ... Read More »